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Reflections 2022

I like the following photograph:

Not so much for its light, or its quality, or the scenery itself, I like to think of the photo as an invitation to reflect on what would happen if I could step away from the circle and analyze the moment as if I were an outsider, that is, to meditate on what is happening there, what the people in the meeting are thinking, what that instant means to each of the people who make up iBtest.

This 2022 has been one of the most challenging years for the company. Still, fortunately, it has been one of the good ones thanks to the growth, in the course of which we have made mistakes and successes, and it has also been very gratifying to see how the culture of learning and continuous improvement is taking hold.

Trusting your intuition is another tool that, little by little, we begin to use more; it is a consequence of understanding that nothing happens if we make a mistake, but something happens if we do not learn from it, and once we know this, repeat and repeat the circle... something fundamental to understand that with the use of the tool "trust your intuition" you are developing it as if it were a muscle. Therefore you are strengthening, polishing, and refining it.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most critical levers, to assume ourselves as protagonists and not spectators, which we call; Personal Accountability, basically is to reach a level of awareness that invites us to be part of the solution first, we must be part of the problem... and not in the negative context but in the context that regardless of my area, my position, whether I am the Supplier or the Customer, I can take responsibility and consequently action on any issue.

I thank everyone for this year full of learning, challenges, and professional and personal development opportunities. Taking a distance from that picture, I see a team capable of achieving any goal, where innovation (learning and continuous improvement) prevails, and that understands that the "common good" is achieved when I know that my well-being is not a goal to reach in the future but a consequence of serving and adding value to the people in front of me every day.

Very proud of all iBtesters and the new purpose, "Innovate for the common good."

Pablo Robles

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