In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (hereinafter the Law), INNOVATIVE BOARD TEST, S.A.P.I. DE C.V., hereinafter iBtest®, with address at Calle Independencia number 1018, interior 101, Parques del Bosque neighborhood, in the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. Based on articles 8, 15, 16, 33, 36, and other applicable laws and Regulations, this Privacy Notice is made available to you in respect of everyone's right to privacy and informational self-determination.

1. Data we collect

iBtest®, in its relationship with its employees, suppliers, and customers, processes personal data of various kinds to fulfill its commercial purposes. It is responsible for using your data and its protection with technological means. And procedures to limit the use and disclosure of your data.

iBtest® has as one of its purposes within its corporate purpose the provision of technical services, as well as the purchase, sale, import, export, repair, maintenance, marketing, and distribution of electronic equipment and all kinds of services for the national and international electronics industry.

2. Purpose of processing personal data.

You are informed that the activities of collection, obtaining, use, storage, access, and treatment of personal data by iBtest® will be subject to the Law, its Regulations, and applicable general provisions, data that will be subject to the following purposes :

For the operation and internal administration activities of iBtest®. So that iBtest® offers its products and services concerning its corporate purpose, being mainly, among others, the provision of technical services, as well as the purchase, sale, import, export, repair, maintenance, marketing, and distribution of electronic equipment and all kinds of services for the national and international electronics industry.

a) Identify it in any legal relationship with iBtest®

b) Data processing;

c) Carry out economic studies; statistics, or internal control;

d) Payment management;

e) Issuance of invoices and proof of payment;

f) For interbank electronic transfers;

g) Evaluate the quality of the service;

h) Carry out statistical studies related to the improvement of our services;

i) Personnel administration, including physical files, payroll payment and administration, pensions, insurance, and other benefits derived from the current Labor Law, for which the data may be transferred to third parties, provided that said transfer is related to the purposes mentioned above, including without limitation, any subsidiary or affiliate of iBtest®, the Mexican Social Security Institute, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, internal and external auditors, etc.

j) For assignment of work tools, keys, and passwords, ensuring confidentiality obligations, verifying personal and employment references, emergency contacts, and conducting aptitude, knowledge, and medical exams; Y

k) To carry out the recruitment, selection, and, where appropriate, hiring of personnel or to be considered to fill a vacancy (administration and supply of personnel).

l) For customers and suppliers, we will collect your data and billing data to comply with the legal obligations arising from the respective business relationship.

For the aforementioned purposes, iBtest® collects personal data, which in the case of employees and applicants for a vacancy, may include:

i. Identification, academic, and work data.- name, email, private address, place and date of birth, age, private and mobile phone, current official identification with photograph, education, academic degree, marital status, Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC ), Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), signature, nationality, fingerprint, social security affiliation, employment record, results of job aptitude tests, psychometrics, IQ, work behavior and reliability, electronic signature, primer military, passport, names of relatives, dependents and beneficiaries, photographs, language, recruitment and selection documents, training, employment history, current job position, salaries, work address, work email and telephone number, extracurricular activities, references employment, personal references, educational trajectory, titles, professional license, certification icates, letter of interns, academic qualifications, performance reports, progress of studies, recognitions, financial and patrimonial data (assets, tax information, bank accounts, insurance, afore, personal references).

ii. iBtest®, when carrying out personnel administration activities, may collect personal data considered sensitive, related to the state of health (clinical history, allergies, illnesses suffered or suffered, disabilities, results of medical examinations, medical records, questions of a personal nature, etc.) psychological and/or psychiatric, consumption of toxic substances, blood type), for which the express written consent of the owner will be obtained for the handling of said data

In the case of clients, suppliers, and third parties in general, they will include:

Yo. Identification data. - Name, email, private and business address, place and date of birth, age, private and mobile telephone number, valid official identification with photograph, predominant activity, academic degree, marital status, Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), Unique Code Population Registry (CURP), signature, nationality, fingerprint.

ii. Billing Data. - Fiscal domicile and RFC; Y

iii. Financial and patrimonial data. - Assets, tax information, bank accounts, and form of payment.

Personal data is collected by iBtest®, in the case of customers, at the time they request products or services offered following its corporate purpose, in the case of suppliers, at the time they are contacted for the provision. Of services or acquisition of goods (regardless of whether or not the service is contracted or the good is acquired), and in the case of employees and/or interns, at the time a recruitment and selection process begins, when they are hired to fill a vacancy, data that is collected either by telephone, via email or when they visit our home, data that iBtest® uses with respect to their rights for its operation and security of the iBtest® home facilities.

3. Limits on the use and disclosure of your data.

Your data will be protected based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility, which are enshrined in the Law. iBtest® will only use the data for the aforementioned purposes, and assumptions and its disclosure may only be made whenever said transfer is related to said purposes. In case of not correctly providing the requested data, iBtest® will not have any responsibility derived from this assumption.

4. Means to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition.

Following the provisions of the Law, you may access, rectify and cancel your data, as well as oppose their disclosure through the procedures that iBtest® has implemented. You may request the format to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their disclosure in our facilities. For more information on how to exercise your Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition (ARCO Rights) oppose the disclosure of your data, revoke your consent, or express refusal to treat them, you should contact: José Juan Pablo Robles Gil. Director of iBtest®.

By providing information to iBtest® by any means, you confirm that you agree with the terms of this Privacy Notice. If you do not agree with any terms of the Privacy Notice, please do not provide any personal information. If you decide not to provide iBtest® with specific personal data, you accept the possibility of not having access to the products and services provided by iBtest®, as well as accepting that iBtest® will not complete or comply with those processes in which said information is required, without that any liability is generated for the latter.

5. Data Transfer.

iBtest® for the proper fulfillment of its corporate purpose, in its relationship with customers and suppliers, as well as when hiring staff, may:

1. Make use of your data and provide them to third parties with whom you have contracted services, including administration and supply of personnel, for data processing, certifications, and to carry out economic studies so that iBtest® can exercise its rights. , inform about changes or new services, payment management, service statistics, issue invoices and payment vouchers to banking institutions for bank transfers, and evaluate the service's quality.

2. Transfer your personal data to other people for the purposes set forth in this privacy notice, including sending by email, cell phone (SMS messages, MMS, among others) or any similar means of electronic communication or that may reach develop, transfer that includes without limitation, companies in which iBtest® participates or has a relationship, including third parties derived from a corporate restructuring, merger, consolidation, sale, liquidation, or transfer of assets, whether they are suppliers or clients, financial consulting companies , companies that provide the information management and storage system service, personnel administration, to verify personal and employment references, insurance companies, credit bureau, external audit, banking institutions, credit insurers, credit recovery companies , credit rating companies and commercial risk analysis, are legal persons physical or national, national or international, public or private, present or future and in general, to comply with the obligations that iBtest® has contracted with you, where only the personal data that is essential for the specific activity or service will be provided. Said third parties will perform.

Following the foregoing, iBtest® will maintain the confidential and reserved use of your data, which may be transferred and processed inside and outside the Mexican Republic to and by companies with which iBtest® has a relationship.

3. Third parties that receive personal data for their treatment or to whom personal data is transferred will only receive the personal data they require to carry out their work. iBtest® will not transfer your data to third parties for purposes other than those mentioned in this Notice.

If you do not express your opposition to your data being transferred, it will be understood that you have given your consent. The opposition referred to in this paragraph must be expressed under the provisions of the Means to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition referred to in this notice.

6. Audio, video, and photography.

iBtest® may record audios of its clients, suppliers, employees, and applicants for vacancies related to their relationships with iBtest®, for which it accepts and authorizes the latter to make recordings.

Likewise, iBtest® has video surveillance systems in their homes, so if you enter the iBtest® facilities, you accept that you may be recorded and/or photographed, consenting that iBtest® may use them for security purposes of its facilities. And the people who are in it.

Finally, iBtest® may make videos and photographs of events related to its corporate purpose. For this reason, you accept that your still or moving image may be used by iBtest® for promotional purposes, whether in print and/or electronic media, and to use them as a reference for the events carried out.

7. Security measures.

Likewise, iBtest® guarantees to you that Personal Data will be processed under administrative, technical and physical security measures provided for by Law or other special laws, as appropriate according to the type of personal data in question and the treatment to which that is subject, guaranteeing their confidentiality at all times, avoiding unauthorized access, damage, loss, alteration or destruction of their data.

8. Personal data area.

The iBtest® personal data area, regardless of the name by which it is designated, is located at Calle Independencia number 1018, interior 101, Parques del Bosque neighborhood, in the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. CP 45609., José Juan Pablo Robles Gil. Director of iBtest®.

9. Changes to the Privacy Notice.

iBtest® reserves the right to modify this privacy notice at its sole discretion. If this notice is modified, iBtest® will publicly post the new privacy notice in electronic media. At the address of iBtest®, as well as through notices visible at our address and/or via email to the last address you have provided us. , for which we invite you to be aware to remain informed of any changes. Any substantial change to the present, unless derived from a reform to the Mexican legal framework or an order from a competent authority, will be notified thirty calendar days in advance for the corresponding modification to take effect.

Following Article Eight of the Law, it will be understood that the owner tacitly consents to processing their data when this Privacy Notice has been made available to them and does not express their opposition to it.v